About Us

Long Term Experience in the College Store Industry

Our history with the college store industry, covers the gamut of system sales, system developer and system support. We have been involved in several college store initiatives, GM EDI, used book barcoding and ISBN 13 to name a few. Our point of sale products have been used in college bookstores and college business offices. A finacial office interace specification authored by us has been used by companies such as, Datatel, Trimdata and Nebraska Book Company. In addition to point of sale we have developed and supported a full college bookstore inventory management, course management, buyback, accounts receivable, and online store products. We were early innovators of loading multiple buying guides, real time look up to campus financial aid and network access to the Books in Print database. Our online store was the first to not only provide real time inventory and course data, but also provided for all the tenders available instore. Both online and in store customers could purchase with their campus debit card, store charge account and credit card.
Creating solutions that connect systems to benefit our clients is at the core of our products. We have applied that same attention to the sourcing of used textbooks and the differing nature of system providers and wholesale vendors.

Our Products and Services are 100% Focused On Our Clients

Our number one goal is to provide products whose sole pupose is to benefit our clients. Being independent allows us to take advantage of the best interface each vendor has to offer.

Provider of the Only College Store Specific Value Added Network

Easylink the VAN predominantly used in the College Store industry provides the same functionality to a college store or a butcher shop. Easylink does nothing to follow up with a vendor if your list is not responded to. Easylink has not worked with your vendors to provide the most efficient processing of your list. Easylink does not provide options to forward your list to your next vendor. Our VAN, textbookbin, was designed to address these and other needs of a College Bookstore.

Delivering Unique Solution Designs

We have a history of innovation and our VAN is no different. The service we call eWantlisiting on www.textbookbin.com returns several benefits to our clients. Reduced labor, higher used book percentages and fast turn around, topping the list. Vendors trading through textbookbin gain a uniform interface to their order entry sytem, common connection to order entry questions and transmissions protocols carrying the lowest transfer fees. Even system providers are advantaged, in return to offering a textbookbin interface to their clients. They have access to the optimized vendor interfaces on textbookbin, insulation from changes vendors make to their interface and offer their clients access to the industries lowest cost VAN.

Bringing True Choice to Sourcing Options

Built on a central hosted system, textbookbin levels the playing field, by having a fast, efficient interface to all vendors. We are your best proponent for independence in sourcing. On textbookbin you can choose who your preferred vendors are. The choice is yours a college store specific VAN or a non-specific, high cost, low return VAN. Come by www.textbookbin.com and let us help you with your wantlist sourcing.